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As you read in Chapter 1, communication is both representational and presentatio

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As you read in Chapter 1, communication is both representational and presentational. Imagine you are explaining a workplace conflict to a friend. You are conveying both information (representational) while providing a glimpse into your perspective and how you want your friend to view the situation (presentational).
Media studies is a popular and active area of communication research. We can find endless examples of communication in news media that is both representational and presentational. In this Analyze assignment, you will choose a topic widely discussed currently in the news media and describe the representational aspects of it and the presentational aspects of it. Be sure to cite in APA style (see below or APA cheat sheet under Additional Resources on our Blackboard site) your news media source.
To complete this assignment in your write-up:
Follow the Format for Written Assignments as described in the syllabus.
Choose a recent news topic (last three months) as reported or discussed by one news source. For example, you can choose a CNN video report or The New York Times article on the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, the wildfires occurring in American forests, the COVID-19 situation in your country/region/Olympics, climate change, and etc.
Briefly describe what the news topic is about and who/what the news source is.
Describe how the reporting is representational. Use specific examples from the report.
Describe how the reporting is presentational. Use specific examples from the report.
Wrap up by describing what you think the source’s preferred worldview or view of the topic is (e.g, what is the preferred message of the news report?).
Cite the source in APA style at the end of your document.
You should have about 3-4 paragraphs for about a 1-page write-up.

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