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Sophia is a 15-year-old Puerto Rican adolescent female living with both her pare

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Psychology and Education : Counseling | 0 comments


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Sophia is a 15-year-old Puerto Rican adolescent female living with both her parents and a younger sibling. Her parents present with significant marital problems, have been separated several times and are discussing divorce. Her mother reports having a history of psychiatric treatment for depression and anxiety and indicated that the patient’s father suffers from bipolar disorder and has been receiving psychiatric treatment. He was hospitalized on multiple occasions during previous years for serious psychiatric symptoms.
Sophia is failing several classes in school, and her family is in the process of looking for a new school due to her failing grades and difficulties getting along with her classmates. She presents the following symptoms: frequent sadness and crying, increased appetite and overeating, guilt, low self-concept, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, hopelessness, and difficulty concentrating. In addition, she presents with difficulties in her interpersonal relationships, persistent negative thoughts about her appearance and scholastic abilities, as well as guilt regarding her parents’ marital problems.
Discuss how you would work with Sophia from a person-centered therapy perspective. Allow these questions to guide you. You do not need to answer every question work must be (200 words or more).
What is your takeaway on the diagnosis you might make for Sophia based on her family history and presenting problem?
In what ways might you use yourself as a person to create a relationship with Sophia so that she might work through her depression?
What steps will you take to employ empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard?
From a person-centered perspective what therapeutic strategies will you take with Sophia?
How would you integrate your faith with this particular therapeutic perspective?
Chafey, M.I.J., Bernal, G., & Rossello, J. (2009). Clinical case study: CBT for depression in a Puerto Rican adolescent: challenges and variability in treatment response. Depression & Anxiety, 26(1), 98-103.


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