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For the Policy Critique, students will critically analyze a policy, program, or

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Law : Criminal Justice | 0 comments


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For the Policy Critique, students will critically analyze a policy, program, or law designed to address a specific problem. If the Legislative Review was designed to assess how a bill became law or policy, the Policy Critique is meant to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of an adopted law or policy.
The basic structure of your paper should minimally include the following sections:
1.    Description of the Policy, Law, or Program – The focus of your paper should be on a crime, justice, or drug-related issue that has been addressed by a specific policy, law, or program. The issue can be examined at the federal, state, or local level, but it should address a policy, law or program that has already been adopted or enacted.
2.    Background – Provide adequate background on the policy, law, or program. Why did it emerge, who championed it, and what does it attempt to do (i.e., what were the objectives)?
3.    Evaluation – Based on reputable and reliable data and evidence, how effective has the policy, law, or program been in achieving its objectives? If it is still to early to determine overall effectiveness, examine implementation effectiveness and intermediate outcomes.
4.    Limitations — What are limits with the policy, law, or program? How has it been adapted? What questions remain?
5.    Outlook – What is the outlook of the policy, law, or program? Is it promising, contested, publicly supported? Will it continue, be repealed, or replaced?
Additional general guidance on writing policy critiques and policy writing in general is available here, and tips on writing effective policy documents is available here. The Policy Critique should be 5-8 pages in length, not including title page. The paper should use a traditional font, use double-spacing, and normal one-inch margins. Use APA format for references.
You should include 10-12 high quality references for your sources. Usually, this means empirical articles or government reports (see here and here for guidance on what constitutes an empirical article). Additional resources for finding, collecting, and using data can be found here and here. Make use of the GSU Writing Studio, Grammarly, and the course TA (Jennifer Harb) for assistance on writing well.
The Policy Critique will be graded according to the following criteria: (1) Focus and Content, (2) Organization and Formatting, (3) Argumentation and Logic, (4) Grammar, and (5) Writing Style and Elegance.


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