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I am looking for a Powerpoint presentation that provides a vision for the incomi

by | Apr 25, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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I am looking for a Powerpoint presentation that provides a vision for the incoming student government association administration, speaking as the elected president. The primary purpose of the SGA is to represent the students’ interests to the university and lobby on their behalf.
My goal is to be an effective leader, develop a better and more connected student community, and emphasize the value of receiving student feedback on what they want to see in their community. Making students feel comfortable giving it. I aim to address all student problems, enhance internal SGA communication, increase the student body’s understanding of SGA, and expand student representation on all university committees and decision-making bodies.
As Student Government Association president, the issues and concerns I plan to address include but are not limited to mental and physical health, transportation, SGA improvements, safety and security and intercultural dialogues.


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