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Instructions Please read the following questions and write a  2-page reflection

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Please read the following questions and write a  2-page reflection report, not including a cover and references page. Use APA Style, and use one outside resource in addition to the information in your textbook. Your textbook is cited just like any other resource.
Your report must address the following questions and steps.
Step 1:
Think about how you dialog or speak with others. Are you talking to learn from the other person, or are you just talking about what you already know?  Too often, we miss opportunities to learn just because we are too busy talking about what we think we already know.  In one paragraph, explain how you can program your mind to be more of a listener than a talker. 
Step 2:
Think about a problem that you are currently trying to solve or have been asked to solve in the past. Are you solving problems from their original perspective? What can you do to look at the problem from a different point of view? Have you thought about running a historical analysis (ethnography) of the issue to understand how the problem came about? Describe how you can program your thinking process to see issues from a different perspective or point of view.
Step 3:
Reflect on the concept “How to think and not what to think”. What can you do as a leader to move past programmed decisions to become more organic and creative in your thinking? How can you encourage those people you lead to be more innovative in their thinking?


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