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Task:1. Find out whether there might be a correlation between a China’s position

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Political Science | 0 comments


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Task:1. Find out whether there might be a correlation between a China’s position on liberal order and specific systemic feature like economic development.2. Determine which position the government/ruling party etc. represents with respect to the concept of a (Western) liberal order.3. Analyze the corresponding data for this country on the feature mentioned above and formulate the research question.The final paper has to be structured as follows:
− Course reference, date / Title / Author / Abstract
− Introduction
− Literature review and research question
− Approach / Method
− Analytical part
− Conclusion
− Bibliography
Number of pages: 12
Font: Times New Roman 12
Space: 1.5 space
APA styleAbout paper:Abstract: summarize in one paragraph of 300 words or less, the major aspects of the entire paper- Introduction: Why does the topic matter, why is it relevant to be researched? (1 page)- Part 1 (3 pages): Choose an adequate headingDiscussing the liberal order, its challenges, different positions to be found in the debate/literature. Which questions do occur? …- Part 2 (5 pages): Choose an adequate headingCase study, the selected country. Analysis of data and other sources. Why has this country been chosen? What are characteristics of this country that can be used for the analysis? How can this country be characterized, e.g. supportive of liberal order, non-supportive of liberal order, challenger to liberal order, mixed? What could be reasons for the country to be like that? …- Part 3: Conclusion (or adequate heading)What does the analysis of the country offer for the debate of the liberal order? Which role might this country play in the future with respect to the liberal order? Answer(s) to question(s) that occured? Overall assessment. (3 pages).Here are the links to find data for this assignment.Of course, this is just a selection of possible sources. There is also a need to explore others as well.Asian Development Bank Development Index Bank (Links to an external site.)WTO


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