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write an introduction as bolt points around 700 words. on> What kinds of skills,

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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write an introduction as bolt points around 700 words. on> What kinds of skills, qualities or perspectives have students on Post Grade pathways in Psychology developed in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes it brought to their lives? What unanticipated or conscious cognitive or practical benefits may the seismic societal changes of the pandemic have brought, that may be retained into the future, especially in relation to moving into postgraduate study during this time.
The Covid-19 global pandemic brought many changes to the lives of people internationally; many of these changes were challenging in a negative way and many losses have been experienced by the global community and in the lives of individuals. However, in the midst of adversity, it was possible for some people to develop skills, qualities, or new perspectives they may not have been aware of previously. How might these new or further-developed skills and qualities continue to benefit MSc students in their degree studies and in their wider lives?


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