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(4 points) Introduce the religion. Explain what its name means. Describe the dis

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(4 points) Introduce the religion. Explain what its name means. Describe the distribution of the religion both globally and in the United States. Identify how many followers the religion has and include additional relevant facts about the religion.
(3 points) Explain the origins of the religion. Include information on its founder or creator, important individuals, gods, deities, or other figures. (Hint: How was it created?)
(3 points) Explain how the religion diffused both globally and in the United States. Has it remained close to its hearth? Why? How did/does the religion appeal to new followers?
(3 points) Describe holy places of this religion and their significance. For ethnic religions, describe the connection and relationship of worshipers with the landscape.
(3 points) Describe at least three holidays, festivals, important events etc. celebrated or observed by followers of this religion.
(3 points) Explain the daily practices of this religion. Who/what is worshiped? How? Dietary guidelines? Clothing? What should an individual do to be a faithful follower of this religion?
(3 points) At least three credible sources have been cited in MLA format.
(3 points) Paper is at least three pages in length, including sources and a proper heading. 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, normal margins. Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


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