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APA format, typed in 12 font Times New Roman, and shall not have been turned in

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APA format, typed in 12 font Times New Roman, and shall not have been turned in previously to any other instructor for any other course or assignment. Each Question is a minimum of 1 page long and this does not include the bibliography or source page for that question.
1.) In the course we have looked at various threats, to include those hazards associated with safety, fires, active shooters, pandemics, and mass casualties. What is the relationship between these emergencies, and the process of contingency planning? How does grouping the various potential hazards work to improve the planning process?
2.) Do you see technology replacing or at least greatly reducing the need for security officers in the near future? Why or why not?
3.) Why should we as individuals have any concern over the illegal copying of products, particularly DVDs and CDs? After all, the only one hurt is the large scale corporation, and they lose only small amounts compared to their total profits. Respond to this statement.


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