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[Business Strategy] is concerned with understanding the relationship between the

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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[Business Strategy] is concerned with understanding the
relationship between the different [environmental] forces affecting
the organisation and its choice of strategies.”
Johnson & Scholes, ‘Exploring Strategy’, (various editions).
Critically examine the forces that might affect an organisation, and
explore how could they influence its strategy.
(Use examples – preferably from your own experience – to illustrate
and inform your assignment).
Your work should be fully and consistently referenced.
Considerations for Coursework:
 Any diagrams etc may be appended and will not be included in the word
 The assignment covers all learning outcomes (see below)
A good answer will demonstrate a wide range of reading around the
subject/topic (including some from other modules where appropriate).
A good answer will incorporate relevant examples which clearly
demonstrate the point(s) being made.
A good answer will demonstrate understanding of the various issues
associated with environmental forces and the way in which they influence


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