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Can commissioning create wider public value?

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Social Work and Human Services | 0 comments


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Can commissioning create wider public value?
These are suggestions for structure or subheadings
Your discussion should include a critical reflection on an
existing commissioning strategy, examining its rationale,
values, evidence-base, and potential impact, both for service
users and the wider community.
This means choosing a specific
•Place (ie a particular council)Use islington borough
•Service (eg youth, homelessness)
Commissioning is Looking at service needs –
Critically engage with current debates about the role
of commissioning & procurement
What is commissioning (and how it differs from procurement)
• Impact of austerity and Covid-19 on local authorities (as
commissioners) and community and youth services (VCSE)
• Debates about where next for public services, eg
• Role of markets in commissioning / delivery of services
• Role of communities & service users in design / delivery
(community paradigm, co-production, place-based approaches
Critically engage with current debates about the role of commissioning and procurement
Important to step back and examine the commissioning process objectively
Is commissioning the most appropriate model for designing and delivering public services?
How is it working today (and how effectively)?
What are the opportunities and constraints?
What alternative models are there? Neo-liberalism (market paradigm) etc
What does the research tell us?
Institute of Commissioning Practitioners
Cited in Lent, Studdert & Walker (2019) Community Commissioning NLGN p.6
Three paradigms (Lent & Studdert)
State – services are run by the state, funded from taxation, state intervention seen as an effective way of meetings people’s needs and promoting the common good
Market – marketization & competition, minimal state – government needs to ‘get out of the way’; transactional; performance management linked to targets and outcomes
Community – critical of both the above, need to give communities greater control over public services


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