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Complex world Instructions: Write a short editorial as a forward thinker to addr

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Computer science : Cybersecurity | 0 comments


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Complex world
Instructions: Write a short editorial as a forward thinker to address the following: Crises are indeed “all hands on deck” occurrences, many of which are long-lasting like natural disasters, pandemics, and civil unrest. They can test the mettle of any leader! How would you advise other leaders in cybersecurity to prepare themselves as ethical leaders for the next crisis? What is one ethical concern they might encounter, and what would be some advice to them?  With ethical theory to application in mind use the ethical framework of cybersecurity to anchor your advice.
Editorials are typically opinion pieces; So, be sure opinions are supported by evidence. Assume that Complex World is a leading source of interdisciplinary information for leaders in all fields and careers.
Please be sure to include subheadings to break up text and walk the readers through the sections of the article


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