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CRP: Asst 3 – reflective commentary

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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CRP: Asst 3 – reflective commentary
Weighted at 10% of the total credit points available for the module, Assessment 3 takes the form of an 800-1,000 WORD Reflexive Log.
Students should keep an ongoing and reflexive log, detailing the evolution of their projects, accounting for peer and tutor feedback, ethical considerations, the processes of conception, development and production, as well as a final reflection on final creative research project.
For my evaluation, can you please put in the following points:
1. Reflection: Definition of it and an explanation
2. Choosing a topic: Wanted to include the presence of social media and how it has impacted the world we live in today. After conversations with my supervisor, came up with the topic name of How the news media affects the mental health of young women
3. Timekeeping: Please put in there that I was working a full time job and studying full time and sometimes it was hard to manage my time between work and studying. I also on top of that was in the process of doing a visa to bring my husband into the country.
4. Working with supervisor. Point 3 affected my meetings with my supervisor as I was so busy I couldn’t find the time. I did have at least 4 meetings with her and her feedback was always extremely useful and she was very understanding and helpful
Throughout the whole process.
5. Ethical considerations: Didn’t have any issues
6. Conclusion


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