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For Assignment Two, you need to collect data and analyze it using the software p

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For Assignment Two, you need to collect data and analyze it using the software packages provided such as SPSS and NVivo. A relevant example for Assignment Two will be provided to enable you to achieve the highest mark possible.In order to complete Assignment Two, you need to perform the following tasks:• You need to broadcast your online survey questionnaire by the end of the week to your classmates and peers only (not from external individuals) by posting it on the discussion forum and/or emailing your classmates. You are required to collect primary data from your classmates. For the research methods, you will employ hypothetical test data, but note that you will need to use real data when completing your dissertation.• Your online survey questionnaire should consist closed-ended (multiple-choice questions to be analysed using SPSS software).• Your online survey questionnaire should also consist and open-ended (essay) questions (to be analysed using NVivo software). This is to enable you to complete both types of analysis for the purpose of the assessment. Please note that for your dissertation research project that a small amount of qualitative data from a questionnaire should be analysed via quantitative coding rather than using qualitative techniques. Also note that a survey questionnaire collecting both types of data is not a mixed methods study – it is a mono-method quantitative study.• Your classmates will be given several weeks to complete the survey. You and your classmates must respond to each other requests. Please note that if you do not collect any data you cannot complete the assessment.•


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