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For the topic of the essay, you are free to choose anything related to computer

by | Apr 26, 2022 | IT & Technology | 0 comments


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For the topic of the essay, you are free to choose anything related to computer science that has an ethical question which you’d discuss in the essay such as drones & invasion of privacy, AI & ethical issues behind it etc..
Examples: Is bitcoin destroying the
How are criminals using
cryptocurrency?You will be required to:
1) Introduce your topic/research question and explain why it is important
(in the context of the literature) to research the topic and answer your
research question.
2) Synthesise the literature you found in your bibliography (and add more, if
necessary) to create an argument that answers your research question.
3) Critically discuss the literature found, building on aspects identified in
your annotated bibliography entries.
4) Identify the gaps in the knowledge that you might want to further
5) Suggest some ways that you might be able to investigate those gapsFor research topics it is required to be:
• unique! No two students in same groups can be doing the same topic.
• reasonably original – it should try to cover new ground that hasn’t been
already addressed by published research
• related to ethical or social aspects of computing, information systems, or
• the standard of a conference paper.
• have some ethical or responsible innovation considerationFor Sources: 3 Academic sources and 3 Non-Academic sources(If anymore help or information is needed I’ll provide more)


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