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For your final project for this course, you will write a five (5) page double-sp

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For your final project for this course, you will write a five (5) page double-spaced report on your chosen Fortune 500 Company (a cover page is required and is not included in the 5 pages.) I expect an informative report regarding the company’s status on the Fortune 500, their profit, a brief bio on the CEO, where their headquarters is located, how many branches they have (if any), a
brief history of the company, their stock price, community service activity and other interesting facts you can find. Please do not copy and paste information from the website. This is for a grade and I expect to see how you write a report as if you were working in a business. You do not have to use formal citations but please include a list of at least five (5) sources on the last page, not included in the 5 pages. No template or a sample of this project is needed from me because I want to see your creativity in designing and laying out your five page project.
Additional information to include in your project:
1. A short history of the organization/company?
2. Who is the current CEO, and what is their education?
3. Where is the organization/company located?
4. Are they a multinational organization/company?
5. How many employees do they employ?
6. What is their gross revenue?
7. What products do they produce?
8. Do they have competitors and who are they?
Suggestions for a professional project:
What is the purpose?
Gather your information
No specific format but please organize the information
Focus on your conclusions
Focus on recommendations
Use headings
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats (SWOT Analysis)
Review your conclusions
Use bar graphs and pie charts to illustrate some of the analytical data (such as an increase or decrease in sales or revenue over a period of time


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