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General Overview A Reading Report (RR) in History of Ideas is a written analysis

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Religion&Theology | 0 comments


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General Overview A Reading Report (RR) in History of Ideas is a written analysis to show you have read, thought about, and interacted with the text. The content of a RR is designed to let you demonstrate this. Submission Guidelines • 300–400 words; single-spaced Times New Roman 12 pt font; 1-inch margins on all sides. • Be sure your name, the RR#, the text, and %-completed are stated but if less than 90% you did not finish enough to do a RR . Finish then submit late.1 • Upload each RR as a Word doc in CampusNet by the deadline. 2 • Please name each file for our records, with your last name + RR## like this: Smith RR09. Content Every RR should cover the assigned text(s) with the following headings in the order shown: a. Importance: Explain in a sentence or two why the assigned reading is a “classic” based on the Ryken material in the HOI-2 Reader (alternatively you may use the PDF on Campusnet by Grygiel, the introductory pages to works in the Reader, or the scholarly info in some of our published texts that include such material). Also, if readings like Iliad or Odyssey have more than one RR, then “Importance” may be replaced by an extra Theme, Connection, and/or Question. b. 1–2 Theme(s): List some key ideas, arguments, or a thesis in the assigned section. HINT: use the “Great Ideas” on p. 41 of the HOI-2 Reader. Do not summarize content here, and realize that there are many you may find (some are more obvious than others). The point is for you to find that great works are great because they address many things on several levels. c. 2–3 Connections: This is the most important aspect of a RR: relate the assigned work to prior HOI readings. The reason this is important is for the HUM1120 Essay assignment where you must discuss 6 separate readings connected around 3 selected themes. You should see its Assignment Instruction and work toward it in each week’s RR. DO NOT focus on devotional, biblical, or cultural connections unless these HOI connections have been done. d. 2 Quotes: Set up & cite 2 passages from the assigned text. Choose any your setup statement explains is familiar, well-written, insightful, or illustrates a RR theme or connection. e. 2–3 Discussion Questions: Prepare 2–3 questions for class discussion in on-campus sections or for Threaded Discussions in online sections.


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