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In 2 pages or more, write an alternate part of the story from a different character’s
perspective (example: write from one of the villagers in
“The Lottery”, or perhaps
from the perspective of Tom Robinson as he awaits trial).
Note: Take a moment to email your instructor with your creative plan so that you know you
are on the right track.
Instructions (how to get it done):
Choose any of the short stories or plays you have read in this course.
Write a 2 or more-page response in which you write an alternate part of the story from
a different character’s perspective or a character’s different point of view.
Your audience for this response will be people who have read the stories.
Your response should be a minimum of 2 pages.
Your response should have a properly APA formatted title page.
It should also be double spaced, written in Times New Roman, in 12 point font and
with 1 inch margins.
You should have a reference page that includes the piece of literature you chose.
Please be cautious about plagiarism.


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