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I need the milestone 2 documents, to be reviewed. I think it can be done much be

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Healthcare&Medicine | 0 comments


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I need the milestone 2 documents, to be reviewed. I think it can be done much better. Please read and change information as needed. Some of the references are too old, please change them. Reading milestone 1 first will help you to understand what needs to be done. The information is to be reviewed in section 2 for the assignment. under each heading, there are descriptions of what is supposed to be there(section 2 pages one to six). Please review each page as you proceed with each heading. With respect to section 2.5 recruitment, I would like you to look at a study of an analysis that was done on the impatient process for patients. (For example the process for patient intake, admissions, insurance verification, utilization review, coding, reimbursement, etc. How the process of these things can result in unpaid patient days with regards to Medicare and Medicaid). Again, you are working on bettering the milestone two documents that are attached which is the section 2 assignment along with what is supposed to be under each tab. Please check grammar, no plagiarism, and please read the information under each tab carefully. Also please make a table of content for the paper with respect to section two.


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