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I take a course about innovation and such.We have a report of 900 words to write

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Business and Management : Leadership | 0 comments


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I take a course about innovation and such.We have a report of 900 words to write.We have to imagine that we have a particular company and we write about us.We thought of owning a medical company that offer medical equipment. After you go through the files i will send, you will understand more clearly. 
(Assignment #2 file) describe the whole assignment.
The report will consist of:
i) concet and vision
ii) market analysis
iii) customers and customer development
iv) competition and positioning
v) learning and adaption
Each part of these have its own description of what it must include.
I do not want you to write all of them, my part is the “market analysis”, i need you to go through its description along with other descriptions to understand more about the entire subject.
I need you to write 180 words, this total must include all the answers of the question.Write smartly and excellently.Not a big thing, a paragraph with 180 words.
(Pre-Report file)  this the pre-submission that consists of vision and mission statements in case you need it.
“My part is Market analysis” I need you to answer all of these questions in 180 word, or 200 maximum.
And (Their parts) file is for my group that my work should be included in


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