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The essay is a science fiction story with following summary. The year is 2070;

by | Apr 26, 2022 | English and Literature : English | 0 comments


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The essay is a science fiction story with following summary.
The year is 2070; a boy named Scofield is headed to his airport job as a security guard. Where pretty much all his coworkers are robots. So, most of his shifts are spent watching the news or listening to the boring airport music. His days are the same work, eat, sleep and repeat. This routine changed when he got drafted for the “ultimate mission.” The ultimate mission was a special operation set by the prime minister Jack. The process consisted of sending ten men to the planet “Mpow” to collect a magic potion that would solve world hunger. Because food and water were becoming less abundant, Scofield and the nine other men went to, Mpow, where the aliens did not welcome them. After a very long week, Scofield and his teammates decided to talk to the aliens to explain the situation. The alien’s king, Gru, refused to speak to them and told them to stay away from his tribe. A whole month passed, and the astronaut was still not successful until they got the order from Jack which was to do anything they could to put their hands on the potion. A war that did not even last a couple of hours because Gru and his tribes did not have weapons that matched Scofield and his crew. Six years passed, and Scofield was still having nightmares about the war. Until Jack came and told him, “Look around you; everyone is happy and healthy because of you.”
Basically you would have to build the story with this setting . And finally, you should show or give the impression that killing a few people to save humanity is justifiable.


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