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This should be a Systematic or Narrative literature review, whichever you have m

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This should be a Systematic or Narrative literature review, whichever you have more experience in.
The main topic I chose is based on Marketing and Culture.
The specific topic is how marketing varies between Europe and the Middle East, taking into consideration research about cultural differences in these two areas.*I attached a file named Major Literature Review -Omar Saedawi, this is the template given by my university. The typing should be completed on it. (Word Doc)*I attached the full guidelines as a pdf (Major Literature Review), This explains the format and requirements for academic books in this literature review. As well as the breakdown and word count for the research paper.(Very Important)
* At least 10 papers and books should be considered for the Current Status of Research section.*Books should be published by a reputable publisher, and papers should be published in top-tier scholarly journals* Newspaper, magazine articles, and papers that are only available on the internet, or extracts from textbooks do not count.* Students should consult the original references rather than
reporting other authors’ reports of them.


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