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Descriptive title, centered and bold (do NOT underline) Write your paper using 1

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Descriptive title, centered and bold (do NOT underline)
Write your paper using 12-point Times New Roman font
Format the body of the paper as double-spaced
Use one inch margins all around (top, bottom, left and right)
FIVE PAGE MINIMUM, and 10 page maximum lengthUse in-text citations (MLA format) to support every new idea or data
Remember that a paragraph in any paper is supposed to be a group of sentences organized around a single idea. With that in mind, there should be AT LEAST ONE in-text citation for every paragraph in your paper, and possibly several. Every data, idea or fact gets a citation. If the same idea appeared in more than one paper, cite each one. This means that IT IS CRITICAL TO TAKE GOOD NOTES THAT ARE WELL ORGANIZED when reading your papers. You need to know where each idea, data, or fact came from—which paper and even which page if the source has page numbers!KEEP IN MIND, when you research a topic and write a summary paper, it is all about organizing information that you found, NOT about your own ideas or knowledge. To write such a paper, you must take good notes when you read the papers (and other content) that you find as reference materials. You do NOT want to report on every fact or idea in every source that you find! You only want to report and cite those facts/data/ideas that support YOUR NARROW STORY.The last page of your document should be a WORKS CITED page
Be sure to use MLA format for your works cited page.Include a MINIMUM OF THREE references in your Works Cited.
For an A paper, I suggest FIVE or more references.
Use MLA format with hanging indent paragraphs.
DO NOT just provide the web address (URL) for references from the Internet, but use the complete MLA citation.
YOUR WORKS CITED DOES NOT COUNT toward your 5 page minimum.


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