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Discussion For this week’s discussion we will focus on the different approaches

by | Apr 27, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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Discussion For this week’s discussion we will focus on the different approaches to making an argument. In the following readings, each author shares his view on a controversial topic. Their method of persuasion is the focus of our discussion,
Our Blind Spot about Guns, Nicholas Kristof: p 162
Don’t Make English Official–Ban It Instead, Dennis Baron: p 949
For the Written Text answer the following questions:
How do the two essays differ? Which one is more effective? Why? Does the source use evidence? Cite an effective passage from your preferred essay and describe why it works?
For your peer review posts (2 minimum), ask a question regarding your peer’s response. Note one element of your peer’s response that you may not have noticed in your reading and analysis of the works.
For full participation credit, a minimum of two posts must occur during the active week.All posts should include word count.
Posts discussing written texts should include quotes with APA in-text citation and reference.
See Discussion Rubric Discussion Rubric – Alternative Formats for full assessment of discussion posts.


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