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Due to a hurricane about to make landfall, the city has issued a mandatory evacu

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Healthcare&Medicine | 0 comments


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Due to a hurricane about to make landfall, the city has issued a mandatory evacuation. Residents are now staying in a stadium in another city 3 hours north. At least 1,500 people were evacuated to a convention center where they are staying until further notice. The individuals there are of various ages, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The evacuees speak more than 47 languages.Your job is to create 3 signs to communicate to the shelter residents where the bathrooms are, where to get food, where the sleeping areas are, where the pet areas are, and/or other expectations. Choose your message then create each sign. You must create a minimum of 3 signs, but are welcome to create more. Be creative and effective in your messaging. When you post your signs, include a paragraph explaining why you created your signs the way you did.Attach your signs as pdf files to your initial post. Look at the example attached.In response to your peers, discuss what changes they could make to improve their message/signage. Include what was done well, as well as what could be improved.


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