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EACH RESPONSE MUST BE BETWEEN 100 – 150 WORDS. NO PLAGIARISM NO PARAPHRASE TOOLS Essays must be in your own words. They will be checked for plagiarism. DO NOT include a header or the essay question into your word document USE SOURCES PROVIDED TEXTBOOK: Cognition Exploring the Science of the Mind EIGHTH EDITION USE EXTREMELY EASY TO UNDERSTAND WORDS Chapter 9 essay question Typicality is often used to determine category membership, but not always. Provide an example of an object that is typical of a category but does not belong to the category. Explain why it would not be included in the category despite its similarity to other category members. Explain what such instances tell us about the cognitive aspects of categorization. Chapter 10 essay question A friend of yours is thinking of enrolling his 4-year-old in a bilingual preschool, wherein the children are taught in English and in Mandarin. Would you support this move? Why or why not? Make sure you include empirical evidence in your answer.


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