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For the chosen theory, write down two research ideas/questions that can be studi

by | Apr 27, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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For the chosen theory, write down two research ideas/questions that can be studied using it.
Your research ideas should be discussed using language that even a layman can understand. They should pertain to problems that are of interest to managers, policy makers or society at large. However, ideas should be amenable to empirical study and testing; so, don’t pick any ‘grand challenges’ or ‘wicked problems’ (e.g., how to eradicate poverty).
In about 2 single-spaced pages for each idea (i.e., a total of 4 about pages), briefly discuss the following:
(1) Why is the idea important to study (and important for whom)?
(2) Why is this specific theory appropriate for studying the idea? What does prior research say about this idea? Based on what we already know and based on concepts from the theory being applied, what can you hypothesize about your idea?
(3) What potential data sources and type(s) of data would you need to collect to empirically test your hypotheses? How would you collect such data?
(4) How would you analyze these data to evaluate whether your hypotheses are supported?
(5) What are the implications if your hypotheses are supported? If they are not supported?


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