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Imagine that a successful technology to recreate animals by design from DNA has

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Biology | 0 comments


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Imagine that a successful technology to recreate animals by design from DNA has been developed (and we didn’t know about it!). Scientists are considering the production of some of the animals below, with the aim to add them to a zoological collection to be displayed and breed, for education, leisure, and research.
Write an essay to cover the following points for ONE of the 4 animal creatures below:
1. a) Based on the information that can be found in literature about these animals’ past (i.e. fossil records, historical records about environment, etc), propose what would be their nutrient requirements
2. b) Propose a feeding plan that would be suitable for use in a modern zoological park. Estimate the yearly costs on food, justifying your estimates.
3. c) Discuss how reliable is the data that informs your proposal, and mention what approaches would be helpful to inform this report, and how (i.e. comparative physiology, actual molecular methods; geographical information, etc.
Animalia Paradoxa (available to choose)
1. Quetzalcoatlus spp
2. Uesus Speleaus (Cave bear) Europe
3. Gigant Northern Phione (30 -40 times bigger variant of Clione limacina) 4. Ogopogo (N’ha-a-itk) (Canada)
5. Cymbospondylus youngorum


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