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Please read and review all content covered and answer the following three questi

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Please read and review all content covered and answer the following three questions:
Is gentrification primarily a positive or negative force? Explain your answer in detail citing specific examples.
What happens to established residents in communities that are gentrified? Cite at least two specific examples.
What roles do race and class play in gentrification? Cite at least two specific examples.
While formal citations are not required to answer this question, students are encouraged to cite to content covered in class, and to any outside sources that are considered while answering the above questions.
Submissions should be in essay form and will be graded based on the assignment rubric. Submissions must be no less than 4 pages – submissions must be typed in Times New Roman 12pt font, double spaced. Submissions that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
please make sure to answer all question thank you.  look at attached file to see articles all the content covered.


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