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Presentation Outline (based on research for Stockbridge, GA) 1. Issue 2. People

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Social Sciences : Social Sciences | 0 comments


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Presentation Outline (based on research for Stockbridge, GA)
1. Issue
2. People – who/what is your community? People, Place, Involved/Affected by Issue
3. Decision-Making Context – means, processes, who is involved, who is not, and who
should be?
4. What do we need to do and how should we do it?
5. What are the implications and what resources are need to fulfil the needed actions
NOTE: Presentations should not be longer than 20 minutes; 15 minutes is ideal, but a few minutes shorter is also fine. Work on clarity in purpose of the project, structure of decision- making, and needs for more information to improve decision-making, functioning, or further development.
Please provide me the talking points for the slide to read from that speaks for about 13-15 mins.
Things to consider:
1. What did you learn that is new/novel, not just/primarily in relation to the topic but the ideas and integration of issues, perspectives, approaches, and theories of CBNRM?
2. Is there a clear definition of the project purpose?
3. Is there a credible plan to achieve the goal?
4. Is timely and accurate information about status, risks, and issues available and being
conveyed clearly and consistently?
5. Does the case for the project make sense based on the best information available?
6. What advice for improvement on the above can you offer based on what has been learned
about CBNRM this semester?


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