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Select a conflict you feel comfortable discussing in a paper. Briefly describe t

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Select a conflict you feel comfortable discussing in a paper. Briefly describe the nature of the conflict. What unproductive strategies did you use (if any) in the conflict? What unproductive strategies did the other person use? What was the result of the conflict? What could you do differently? Use concepts and theories from the textbook or class discussions to frame your analysis.
Make sure your paper is carefully prepared following the rules of grammar and spelling. You should have an introduction and conclusion. It must be word processed or typed and double spaced. Cite sources where needed such as to define conflict terms.
Check the following BEFORE you submit:
1. Paper contains an introduction with a thesis statement and preview of main ideas.
2. Conflict is clearly, briefly described.
3. Conflict concepts are used and defined in the paper.
4. Sources for definitions are provided.
5. Examples of unproductive conflict provided and discussion of productive conflict.
6. Paper is grammatically correct.
7. You have a conclusion.


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