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*The 6 provided sources are the only sources allowed for use on this paper* <

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*The 6 provided sources are the only sources allowed for use on this paper*
Assignment: For your final essay in English 1301 you will write an Argument of Proposal. Arguments of Proposal are discussed at length in Chapter 14 of Writing Arguments. In this essay you will propose a solution (or course of action) to a problem that is of wide contemporary concern. Your argument of proposal will include elements of definitional, evaluative, and causal arguments, so feel free to demonstrate your argumentative versatility here. You will not have an opportunity to revise this essay after I have commented on it; thus, the version that you hand in should be one that is completely free of errors and that makes as strong an argument as possible.
1) Your essay MUST be at least 5 full pages long or it will receive a grade of F (Your Works Cited page does not count as part of the 5 full pages).
2) Your essay MUST argue the claim that you submitted to me in your topic proposal. Essays that argue a different claim will receive a grade of F.
3) Your essay MUST be formatted in accordance with MLA Guidelines.(See The Little Penguin Handbook for details)
4) Your essay MUST make productive use of at least 5 secondary academic resources and properly cite them in the text of your essay and on the Works Cited page.
Context: Again, you should imagine that you are writing your essay for a broad, general audience: perhaps for the readers of the opinion page of a publication such as the Houston Chronicle or the student paper here at UHD. Carefully consider the tone and style that readers expect from essays that appear in these publications.
Research: You must make use of AT LEAST five ACADEMIC sources in this essay. We will spend much time in class discussing what counts as an academic source and what methods you can use to locate relevant academic sources. Your use of these five sources MUST conform to MLA guidelines (See the Little Penguin Handbook for a detailed explanation of these guidelines). Failure to incorporate documented academic research from five sources for this essay will result in a grade of F.


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