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The assignment will explore the current health and social care policy and suppor

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The assignment will explore the current health and social care policy and support services for children and families within a specific Oldham ward.Section 1: A discussion of a range of relevant theoretical perspectives that inform policy, assessments and interventions.What theoretical perspectives inform policy and interventions.What policies have been introduced that contribute to the socio-economic factors.What theories have informed these?
Bandura – social learning theory, learnt behaviour
Bronfenbrenner – influences from others around
Bowlby – attachment to primary care giver, relationships within the family.(800 words aprox)Section 2: An examination of the values and principles of MASH and Early Help and the approaches used by the children’s workforce to support and improve the lives of children and their families across the ward in Oldham.
When describing the local assessment and intervention services for children and families such as MASH and Early Help this can be linked to an examination of the children’s services workforce. Who are they? What do they do? How do they support Troubled Families?Explore the Values and Principles – using the Common Core of Skills and Knowledge for the Children’s Workforce, what is required to be successful within the workforce? Examine the published values and principles. How can these values and principles support Troubled Families?(575 words aprox)


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