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The composition of the current Supreme Court in terms of the different types of

by | Apr 27, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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The composition of the current Supreme Court in terms of the different types of individuals that are found there is complex and interesting. There have been only a select few of legal professionals that have made their way onto the lifetime appointed Supreme Court. In you post, answer the following questions:<
What is the current makeup of the Supreme Court? Men v. women, racial/ethnic makeup. Which justice is the youngest and which is the oldest?<
What does it mean if a justice is a strict constructionist or a loose constructionist?<
What type of impact does a lack of diversity in the early years of our country have in rulings such as Dred Scott or Brown v. Board of Education? Explain why that matters.<
Describe one of the most controversial confirmation processes for any Supreme Court Justice.(It can have been a failed nomination or successful one)<
Should Supreme Court Justices continue to be lifetime appointments? Why or why not?


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