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The dissertation file I added here is my summative assignment for last semester

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Business | 0 comments


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The dissertation file I added here is my summative assignment for last semester (dissertation part A) I got 45% for this work so it is quite bad, you can include it and fix it for it to be part of this one too as Using the same elements will not be treated as self-plagiarism.The feed back I got on this work is:
Define work-life balance early. The research was in the HBR not undertaken by the HBR, please reference the authors.You make statements which are not supported by refence to literature e.g.“It is important for employers to identify the difference in opinions between the generations. Being educated in what is expected of them as managers to lead their organization in a better manner whilst working on minimizing the issues that happen from an imbalance in their work life ratio will help businesses flourish.”Research question:Where did ‘work engagement’ come from in H1 as it’s not something that you cover in the literature review. Why use Maslow’s theory as it has its critics?Literature review:No reference to literature for ‘segmentation’, ‘integration’ and ‘spill-over’ theory. From the references you don’t seem to be looking at peer reviewed journal articles.The generational literature is only supported by one reference, and this is not an academic one. There is important research around ‘generational cohorts’ that should be read. The millennial year spread is contested.Research design:The research philosophy, choice of methodology with reasons and detail on research methods are all missing.References:The references have not been documented in accordance with the Harvard guide.however many sources needed


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