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The final take-home exam will test your command of the various organizational th

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Business Studies | 0 comments


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The final take-home exam will test your command of the various organizational theories that we discussed during the course. The exam will contain the following two open-ended questions:
1. We have read a number of papers for this course. Pick one that influenced you the most and write down why. While doing so, also discuss how you will update/extend the content (conceptual and/or empirical) of the paper.
2. You have learned that various organization theories study different aspects of an organization and its environment. They also have implications for different dimensions of organizational performance. Suppose your friend, who is the CEO of a large organization, seeks your advice on how she can improve her organization’s performance. What advice would you give her? In advising her, please ‘synthesize’ what you have learned on all the theories we have discussed in class. However, be mindful of the assumptions (implicit or otherwise) behind each theory and its applicability. Also, clearly define all terms that you use and define clearly the boundary conditions (i.e., the scope and applicability) for your advice.
In answering Question 2, the emphasis ought to be on the synthesis and mindful application and not on a loose or random compilation of potentially relevant points.


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