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The project plan is a group task, and I am completing the introduction and concl

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Criminal justice | 0 comments


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The project plan is a group task, and I am completing the introduction and conclusion of the research. The subject is applied criminology. Keynote on this task.
1. My introduction lays the foundation for the project. In the intro, I will need to outline the proposed solution for our problem identified, and the problem is the topic. Then, we are going to explain how it will work? Who will be involved? What stakeholders are needed? And finally, how we will reach our target population.
2. The conclusion will be once everyone has completed their part of the task.
3. It has to be a total of 800 words in total. You will need to either complete 400 words each or 500 words for the intro and 300 words for the conclusion as the introduction will require more information. Please do not complete this task in any of the documents but rather in a separate word document. You will need to get on this task straight away because I need to share the proposed solution with one of my teammates, as her section is heavily dependent on mine.


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