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The traditional/classical argument should be about 1500-1700 words, use pathos a

by | Apr 27, 2022 | English and Literature : English | 0 comments


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The traditional/classical argument should be about 1500-1700 words, use pathos and logos, and demonstrate ethos. The argument should have an engaging introduction with an explicitly stated claim, topic sentences that prepare the reader for what is to follow in the corresponding paragraphs, and a conclusion that answers the “so-what” question. The primary purpose of this assignment is to convince a hostile audience to believe your point of view, find the merit in your point of view, or take some action.
This argument should include your opponents’ view, your response to the opponents view, and logical support of your claim.
A conspiracy will be the basis of your argument.  Your argument will either debunk (refute/disprove/rebut) or support a conspiracy/alternative theory of a historical or current event based on credible, authoritative sources.
Your job is to 1) find the generally accepted story surrounding a controversial historical or current event/story,  2)  identify a conspiracy/alternative theory/versions of an event, 3)  examine and weigh the evidence surrounding both versions of the event, 4) arrive at your own conclusion about the event.
Topic: 5g and COVID-19 vaccine theory


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