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This assignment is a research paper on the sensory neuroscience of vocal communi

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Biology | 0 comments


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This assignment is a research paper on the sensory neuroscience of vocal communication focusing on the pathways a vocal signal is sensed & processed and how a vocal output is created. Focus on the brain regions involved as well as behavioral outputs. Broca’ area and wernickies area are important regions (which I have provided background on). Additionally, topics related to innate behaviors, learned behaviors, critical periods, and adult plasticity should be covered. Most importantly, use credible scientific papers and go in-depth for analysis and how a specific study connects to a greater understanding of this neurological system (more covered in the guidelines attachment).
I have provided a presentation that covers what should be discussed. There are sources linked as well as more in-depth descriptions of each slide topic. Slides 2-16 should be the main focus.I have provided the essay guidelines as an attachment.Thank you so much!


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