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This assignment is designed to allow you the flexibility to examine in depth any

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This assignment is designed to allow you the flexibility to examine in depth any project or case
< study that may interest you. It is not prescriptive in the subject area to allow you to apply < your research skills, develop critical analysis thinking and writing < 1. Relevance of the organisation/project and identification of the < drivers for change. < 2. Critical evaluation of relevant theories and concepts to your < project/organisational structure. < Appraisal of the concepts of change management and the role of < management in the success of your organization/project. < 4. Critical assessment of the international management from a cultural < and its influence on your organisation/project linked to working in < global marketplaces. < 5. Analysis of the impact of the strategic approach to HR and its < application within your organisation/project. < < The project talking about Qatar airways please make sure to write analysing the change management process and not the strategic decisions of the company. please make sure that to add these 3. Critical Analysis 5 < 3.1. Factors: drivers of change 5 < 3.2. Management, leadership and their role in change management 7 < 3.3. Hofstede`s cultural insights: international management perspective 9 < 3.4. Organisational structure 11 < 4. Conclusions and Recommendations 12 < 4.1. Recommendations 12 < 4.1.1. Kotter`s eight-step model of change 13 < 4.1.2. Johnson`s cultural web 14 < 4.1.3. Strategic HRD < check the report sample


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