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This essay is an argumentative essay, written in the social cultural lens. The i

by | Apr 27, 2022 | English and Literature : English | 0 comments


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This essay is an argumentative essay, written in the social cultural lens. The introduction should be two paragraphs, both 200 words. the first paragraph should have the general context of the paper to introduce the question, and the second paragraph should be moving from my question to thesis statement. There should be three body paragraphs, all 400 words. They should have lots of evidence in them along with limitations. Then, there should be three conclusion paragraphs, all 200 words. the first (1) connecting all of your subheads to argue how your paper has effectively argued your thesis, and (2) how even though your paper has effectively argued, that there are still other areas that need to be explored to get a full vision of a complex topic, and (3) a final short paragraph that ties your specific argument back to the larger topic and context (stimulus materials) and why that topic is important to explore.  here is the links to all of the sources i have gathered:,they%20are%20much%20healthier%20mentally.
Please especially use the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience by Kathy T. Do, Ethan M. McCormick,and  Eva H. Telzer as a source at least four times throughout the paper.  You should be able to find the journal online.


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