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This is a coursework research essay. It requires independent research beyond the

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Law | 0 comments


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This is a coursework research essay. It requires independent research beyond the compulsory reading lists provided – I understand that engagement with sources from the ‘further reading’ list provided will suffice as independent research, and I have provided all given reading lists in the file attached.The essay question is as follows: ‘Tort law is clearly a matter of distributive justice. Such a view offers the best justification for the structure and substance of contemporary English tort law.
Critically evaluate this statement with reference to English Tort law.’I have listed some important points for the paper below.
– the word limit is 3,000 words, including footnotes and headings within the essay. The essay must not under any circumstances exceed the word limit, and should not be any less than 2,800 words.
– the sources cited must only be particularly relevant to the question
– the OSCOLA citation method must be used for the footnotes, including a requirement for pinpoint citations to the specific page or paragraph of the source of any quotation. A bibliography is not required
– It is essential that the research essay is completely original, without any copy-paste or plagiarism
– critical analysis is of course required, as you likely already know!
– If possible, I would like the document to be in a format that I can edit, i.e. word document, so that I can make necessary changes to comply with spacing and font size requirements etc.The undergraduate marking guidelines provided by my university for First and Upper Second Class grades are as follows:
– First class, 80-89 marks – Thorough understanding of key facts with insightful discussion, and independent and critical evaluation integrated throughout. Full range of sources used and applied in a detailed integrative way throughout the work. Clear and fluent style. Very Well focused and structured.
– First class, 70-79 marks – Thorough understanding of key concepts with insightful and creative analysis. Comprehensive range of relevant literature / evidence used demonstrating independent thought and extensive reading. Clear, fluent, integrated and focussed presentation.
– Upper second class, 60-69 marks – Good understanding of all key issues and wider implications with a convincing analysis. Breadth in examples and literature / evidence used without any major omissions. Demonstrates extended reading. Coherent, well organised and logical presentation.There is also some further marking guidance provided by my uni for research essays:
– ‘In addition, students will display very competent research skills in discussing and integrating relevant literature into their arguments. A first class answer will show that students have searched comprehensively for legal literature in the field and read widely, and then relied on key pieces as sources in the essay. Students will also demonstrate highly competent legal citation skills, with clear consistency in citation (OSCOLA). The writing style should show that students have revised and reworked their essays to make them as succinct and concise as possible.’
(Again, the uni has assured us that engaging with content from the ‘further reading’ list I have provided in the file is sufficient independent research)I also just wanted to thank you so much in advance for your help. I am currently going through some tough personal issues that my uni will not consider as sufficient for an extension request, so this is really my last resort. A first class essay would certainly be ideal, but I do understand that this may be a big ask. I hope the information I have provided is useful, please do not hesitate to ask for more if needed. Thank you so much.


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