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Using the Excel worksheet: First please prepare a forecast of the various budge

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Business and Management : Accounting | 0 comments


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Using the Excel worksheet:
First please prepare a forecast of the various budget elements for your assigned company.  Use the company’s most current annual report (per a Google search).  Note: Your numbers are forecasts, so round the numbers (don’t imply a level of precision that doesn’t exist!).
Second, prepare a 1 – 1 1/2 page narrative that (a) discusses how you arrived at the numbers and (b) considers the implication of the forecasts.
Regarding part (a): You could use linear percentages, but please think a little more broadly/creatively as companies move to a post-Covid world, and for (b):
– if a large increase in cash is forecasted, what might the company do with the excess funds?
– if cash flow is forecasted to be negative, what might the company do to generate cash?
Submit both the Excel worksheet and a Word document.


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