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2.Hard work is a haul of happiness is both Singapore and Denmark?(T

by | Apr 28, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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2.Hard work is a haul of happiness is both Singapore and Denmark?(True or false )

3.According to David Chan people who live with________ in their lives, tend to have less depression, are happier and more satisfied and are more resilient.

4.Happiness in Singapore is more closely related to _______ (two words) rather than finical wealth.

5.Over achievement In Singapore as opposed to Denmark, is rewarded. (True or False )

6.The speaker in the 3 As of Awesome video, demonstrated how we can change our thought processes to overcome negativity and become hardwired for happiness. (True or False )

7. Similar to Denmark, people in Singapore both enjoy and find satisfaction in their work. (True or False )

8. Because of their focus on hard work, strict rules, and harsh punishment, the Singapore’s government supports a low level of stress and worry among citizens. (True or False )

9. Because government officials in Singapore recognize that citizens want to live in a very safe environment, they have implemented very strict rules and punishment. (True or False )

10. Which statements are consistent with the current state of the Danish Welfare system?

A. The typical work week 0ver 37 hours

B.most are William to take a job that they do not find interesting rather then stay on welfare.

C. Taxes to support Danish Welfare state top put at over 60%

D. Students are inspired to complete school quickly to enter the workforce.

11. As evidenced in Denmark and Canada, moving to a new location can significantly increase self reported happiness.

(True or false)

12. Congruence as defined in the “new 5 cs” of happiness in Singapore, as living your true self or _______ life.

13. Which of the following values are shared by citizens of Singapore, Costa Rica and Denmark?

A. A common sense of purpose

B. A sense of security

C. Make more money to increase happiness

D. Work hard, but enjoy life

14. Because students in Denmark take their time to pursue careers that are interesting and promote passion, they are more likely to experience ______, when they are at work. (where skill meets challenge)

15. Which of the following values contribute to Dane’s sense of good citizenship and “oneness”?

A. self reliance and personal responsibility

B. obsession with work and little balance

C. tolerance

D. financial hierarch

16. Unlike the American healthcare system, the Danish system focuses on _______, and taking care of basic check ups setc.

Your response should be one word and be consistent with your course content.

One word that represents their approach versus that in the US.

17. Danes approach to dining and food choices strongly resembles those of people in the United States. ( true or false)

18. Workfare, in Singapore, acts as a buffer for those who are not able to earn enough to provide for basic needs of the family, but those in need must also work. ( true or false)

20. The concept of individuality, and status in Denmark resembles that of the US. ( true or false)

21. Government in Singapore promotes ethnic mixing by:

A. Making English the common spoken language

B. Creating requirements for public housing to have designations for ethnic mixing.

C. Requiring banks, educational institutions etc. to offer translations and translators to citizens

D. None of these are promoted by the government of Singapor

22.Of the three threads of happiness, the most important to citizens of Singapore is ____________.

23. Social systems in both Denmark and Singapore provide tax breaks for family care (elders or child), and free healthcare.

(True/ false)

24. Sense of responsibility and voice initiated during childhood helps to set the stage for the Danes relationship with their government who they feel is representing them and their will.

True/ false)

25. Which statements are true regarding the co-housing or shared home community in Aalborg, Denmark?

A. Trust and opportunities to be social are key to happiness there.

B. Neighbors within the community have close ties and are true friends.

C. The community offered no privacy for residents.

D. Each family has their own garden and only prepares their own meals

26.Based upon what we know about the typical Dane, ongoing attention to social media and pop culture would have significant impact on how they look, act and view their lives. (True or False )

27.Home ownership guidelines in Singapore are:

A. in “part” government sanctioned

B. Important to ethnic mixing

C. Supports the notion that home owners take greater pride in where they live

D. Assures all people have adequate types of residence

28. In Denmark, which of the following are considered to be the most important factors that contribute to happiness? A. Lack of corruption B. What they refer to as huge c. Low taxes D. Trust among citizens

29.Danes take longer vacations and tend to be ready to return to work when they are over. ( true or false)


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