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As a health professional who is knowledgeable regarding population health, you a

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Healthcare&Medicine | 0 comments


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As a health professional who is knowledgeable regarding population health, you are now working for an international health organization. Using technology to express your ideas and integrating technology to solve problems is important. You are given the task of improving the health of a given population. You get to pick the population and the health issue. It could be a poor population in the Midwest with a high infant mortality rate, a block in a city where residents suffer from malnutrition, an affluent area with high rates of heart disease, or a sub-Saharan tribe that doesn’t have access to medicine or water. The solution to your chosen issue could be technological, policy, educational, or something else – be creative and innovative.Research your chosen population and the problem. Articulate a specific goal that needs to be attained and decide how you will measure success. Integrate what you have learned up to this point in the course, including the topics of measuring improvement and accountability covered in this module.Decide what you think will persuade the population to improve. Understand they will not only want to know the historical evolution and solutions, they will also want to know why this matters. Why should they care? How expensive will the project be in general terms (you don’t have to be perfectly correct on financial issues, but keep reality in mind as your organization doesn’t have an unlimited budget). Make the case that you can influence change within your chosen population if you are put in charge of the project.Create a 5-minute presentation for your organization. make sure to have footnotes in presentation.


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