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As you have seen throughout this semester, Cybercrime is an important issue and

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments


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As you have seen throughout this semester, Cybercrime is an important issue and arguably one of the more serious issues to face society and the criminal justice system both currently and in the future. As such, imagine that the Governor of Louisiana has tasked you with the following assignment. Governor Edwards wants to know (1) what is the most serious cybercrime that the American people will likely face in the near future, (2) how did this chosen cybercrime develop, who does it benefit, and why, and (3) how can the criminal justice system counter the proliferation of this particular form of cybercrime- both through updated legislation and increased law enforcement investigation techniques.
In doing this, be sure that you make an argument for why your chosen form of cybercrime is the most severe while also arguing why other forms of cybercrime are not as severe. Moreover, you must provide academic and/or other scholarly research (e.g., government publications) to support your position throughout the entire document. It may also be important to argue the financial cost of the selected cybercrime, if such information is available.
Remember, the goal and purpose of this paper is to demonstrate both to the Governor that you know what the problem is and have supported ideas for how the criminal justice system should address this problem. It is generally best to provide a minimum of one citation per claim that is made. Also, please be sure to write in the third-person (e.g., on individual, many researchers, etc.) instead of first-person (e.g., I believe, me, myself, etc.). Additionally, it is crucial that you provide ample support for all of your points since the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that you have a firm understanding of the issue and the proposed solution(s).
Additionally, the paper needs to be a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 7 pages. Please also include a reference page for all citations in APA format (title and reference pages do not count towards the page minimum/maximum).


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