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Assigned Article/Paper (50 points, 1 paper, 9% of final grade): Each student wil

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments


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Assigned Article/Paper (50 points, 1 paper, 9% of final grade): Each student will be responsible one article during the semester. You will choose article from an approved list, and you are responsible writing a 5-7 page critique of the paper. (Note: the total page count excludes the title page and the APA format reference page). In the 5-7 pages, please address the following: a. A one page description of the theory being tested by the researcher along with the corresponding hypotheses b. A one page summary of the research methodology used by the researchers to gather data. You can discuss how the cognitive phenomena is measured and the experimental conditions used in the study. c. A one page explanation of the results from the research study d. A two page discussion on the cognitive psychology concepts and theories from the lecture and textbook readings that tie back the concepts explored in the article. e. A one page discussion of a real world example or application of the knowledge gained from the research study. This paper must be written in APA style with a corresponding reference page


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