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Canadian Nuclear Weapon capabilities during the Cold War (1964-1984) Canada has

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Political Science | 0 comments


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Canadian Nuclear Weapon capabilities during the Cold War (1964-1984) Canada has always been and always will be protected by American nuclear umbrella of NATO and NORAD Canadian contribution to Manhattan Project leading to huge evolution of Canadian nuclear industry Early Cold War Period 10 to 15 Mark IV along 43 American bombers deployed to RCAF base in Labrador (Unknown to Canadian public and start of deterrence towards Soviet) Broken Arrow incidents kept secret to the public Start of massive controversy from Canadian public who were scared of being stuck between USSR and US during nuclear exchange Construction of DEW line in High Arctic (Major Canadian contribution to defense of the continent) Cold War (1960s) Bomarc ICBM deployment (56 to Canada) and Bomarc missile crisis John Diefenbaker contradictory positions and possible weakening of Canadian position and power during his term? Pearson administration and Genie rockets for continental defense Canadian Nuclear capabilities in Europe Honest John systems deployed in West Germany by Canadian forces Starfighter bomber jets that had access to nuclear warheads Major Nuclear Disarmament Nuclear capacities remained a national secret for Canada during the Cold War Anti-nuclear activism and pro-peace advocates pushed for disarmament From 1968 to 1984 gradual removal of military nuclear assets Did this major disarmament affect the Soviet strategies towards the US and its allies during the Cold War? Did Canadian nukes really make a difference in deterring Soviet aggression or first strike willingness in North America and/or Europe? PRESENT ARGUMENT AND COUNTER-ARGUMENT: How could Canada’s possession (technically) of nuclear weapons during the Cold war affected the outcome of the conflict between the two blocs and the possible deterrence it created ? It did not make much of a difference in the eyes of the Soviet bloc since Canada had very low numbers at its disposition and not enough to deter the Soviet Union against nukes in North America It did make a significant difference in deterring the Soviets from using their nuclear arsenal against North American targets since they had to cross the Canadian Arctic before reaching US targets, therefore enticing Canadian nuclear arsenal to be used when launching from the URSS itself


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