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Design an experiment to help address this general topic: The relationship betwe

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Communications | 0 comments


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Design an experiment to help address this general topic: The relationship between the visual representation of members of the American government (published photos of members of the government smiling vs. shaking hands vs. giving speeches vs. no facial expressions) and college students’ feelings toward the American government? The examples in parentheses I provided are just examples, so feel free to revise those as you see necessary.
State a more specific research question or hypothesis. The RQ or hypothesis must have an independent variable and a dependent variable.
Explain and justify the type of experiment
Explain in detail and justify the sampling and assignment procedures that will be used.
Explain what your stimulus would be and identify what would be used to measure your DV. If you would use survey questions to measure your DV, write out those specific questions. Write out the possible range of values for each variable.
Identify the independent and dependent variables; provide conceptual and operational definitions for each IV and DV; provide a linkage between the concepts and a linkage between the operational definitions.
Explain the limitations of your research design.
Explain how the research instrument and design helps investigate the research question or hypothesis.


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