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Eighteenth-Century Literature Essay #2 Swift A Tale of a Tub In an essay of 3 pa

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Literature | 0 comments


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Eighteenth-Century Literature Essay #2 Swift A Tale of a Tub In an essay of 3 pages, identify the aspects of the Modern ways of thinking that Swift satirizes in A Digression in the Modern Kind, Section V of A Tale of a Tub. Give as complete an answer as possible (that is, list as many aspects as you can find) and supply brief quotations to support your points. To clarify your discussion, you may want to refer briefly to Swift’s characterization of the Modern in other parts of the work and in the Spider and the Bee episode from The Battle of the Books. But most of your essay should address those aspects of the Modern ways of thinking as they are manifest in Section V of Tale. Remember to distinguish between Swift as satirist and his persona, the Hack, who gives voice to the Modern point of view that Swift is satirizing. So your essay will follow the basic pattern: “when the Hack says xxxx, Swift is satirizing zzzz element of the Modern way of thinking.” Points of clarification: 1) In the second paragraph, the idea that mankind needs “Instruction, and Diversion,” “a Layer of Utile, and a Layer of Dulce” (the useful and the sweet), is found in the Latin poet Horace (an Ancient in Swift’s terms). 2) Homer is also an Ancient in Swift’s terms, traditionally credited with authorship of two epic poems, the Iliad (on the Trojan War) and the Odyssey (the adventures of Odysseus following the war), and thus author of the earliest examples of Western literature, understood to be comprehensive statements.


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